1/Shipping agency: Our department of shipping agency carry on all kinds of various ships home and abroad¡¯ port business. We¡¯ve got rich experience of acting and lots of successful acting cases. Also we have good relationship with port affairs control, pilot stations, customs, frontier defense, CIQ and other harbor management? units. We can not only provide first-class service for entrusting parties, but also make special contributions to shortening time of ship¡¯s port time, saving port disbursement, arranging supply of goods and resolving various difficulties!

2/Freight forwarder: Our department of freight forwarder carry on agency business of? import and export of all kinds of bulk cargo(such as cement, clinker, coal, sulfur and dolomite), break bulk cargo(such as wire rod, square steel, round bar and plank stuff), dangerous goods(petroleum product and base chemicals), containers and large lighter hulls. We¡¯ ve got rich experience of acting and lots of successful acting cases. What¡¯s more, we¡¯ve built up long and stable relationship of friendly cooperation with many customers home and abroad!

3/ The chartering department of Nantong Singa International Logistics Co., Ltd was established in 2006, which specializes in chartering and broker of general bulk cargo nonscheduled ship. With the rapid development of the economy in recent years, the imports and exports of raw materials are continuously increasing. We open five main routes to transport goods, including Japan-Korea route (mainly for importing marine equipment and steel plate; exporting steel products and hatch cover); Russian Far East to Southeast Asia route (mainly for importing coal and fuel oil; exporting fertilizer); India-Australia-South America route (mainly for importing ore ); Europe route (mainly for exporting barge and ship booking) and Americas regional route (mainly for importing grain & oil, refinery coke and ore).
    With the joint effort of all the staff in company, we gather more and more experience and lots of superiorities, and in that the freight traffic volume has risen year by year. Additionally, we have something of a reputation in shipping market by providing safe and convenient transportation service for consignor, and rendering transportation and dispatch service for ship-owners.
    At present, we build up a long-time friendly cooperation with more than ten companies, such as Pacific Basin Ship, Chinese-Polish Joint Stocks Shipping Company, Cosco Bulk, SAGA, Star Shipping and Yantai Golden Ocean. We aim to satisfy every customer of our company. Meanwhile, we can provide a thorough backup service for consignors and ship-owners in Nantong with the special qualification of international shipping agent and international freight customs broker inspection.