Nantong Singa International Logistics Ltd¡¡ Nantong Singa International Ocean Shipping Agency Ltd (Called short for ¡°Nantong Singa¡±) is a common agency with class A qualification officially approved by ministry of communication, PRC. She acts as the agency for ocean ships sailing in international lines and between Honkong, Macao and the mainland. The freight acts for scope of business aviation , the land route international; The average goods is kept in a storehouse;
Business scope: Inspection of goods for customs declaration, signed on behalf of the bill of lading and transportation contracts and contingent-speed delay agreement; Drawing-up of documents, on behalf of the freight operator, on behalf of the collection as well as the payment for charter obligations;shipping agency and related business. Service details including: arranging ship¡¯s entry/sailing formalities, arranging pilot/berthing schedule, arranging shipments and booking space, signing bills of lading/ charter parties/ QDA, arranging customs declaration formalities, arranging cargo storing and inland transportation, arranging marine salvage and marine casualties, attending to ship chartering and repairing, attending to crew change, medical treatment and sightseeing etc.Nantong Singa is taking ¡°quality the first, client the highest¡± as her sole purpose. She can despatch vsl¡¯s movements and save port disbursements for ship owners depending on her good relationships with Management and Business departments at Nantong Port. Possessing a high efficient working force proficient and experienced in ocean freight and ocean shipping agency, Nantong Singa will surely render her good services to shipowners, shippers/ receivers and charterers.